Why is underlay important?

Underlay is the layer of cushioning laid beneath carpets, and it can be almost as important as the carpet itself.

There are many features and benefits of a high quality underlay:

  • Underfoot comfort/softness: Underlay increases the comfort factor of a carpet, making it feel softer and reducing standing fatigue.
  • Acoustics and sound reduction: Underlay helps eliminate excessive noise from a room, including both impact sounds from walking across the floor, and reverberations from elsewhere in the room.
  • Thermal: Installing quality underlay can help reduce energy costs, as it acts as an insulator for your floor - keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Appearance: Underlay helps reduce premature wear and extend the life of the carpet by absorbing impacts.

If you've ever stepped onto a carpet and marvelled at how soft it felt, a good quality underlay can often be the answer to achieving this level of comfort.