Solid or Engineered Timber?

A timber floor has long been a popular choice, with its timeless looks and uniqueness a highly sought after characteristic.

Naturally occurring knots, wormholes, and the grain of the wood ensure no two timber floors are the same, giving each floor a unique character. Timber also provides warmth and calm, bringing a sense of the outdoors inside the home.

Solid Timber Floors

In a solid timber floor, each board is made from a single piece of wood, and can come raw or pre-finished. Timber floors can be glued directly to the floor, nailed to the subfloor, or installed on joists.

Raw timber will need to be sanded, but can then be coated to your selected gloss level. This is slightly more time consuming, but allows you to choose exactly the finish you prefer.

A pre-finished timber floor often has a faster installation time, as no sanding or coating are require after installation.


Engineered Timber Floors

An engineered timber floow involves the overlaying of multiple layers of wood, which helps reduce the amount of expansion and contraction. An engineered timber floor often comes pre-finished, which means it is easier to install. They also often have less movement than a solid timber floor.

Engineered timber flooring can be installed as a floating floor over an underlay, or glued directly to the subfloor. If installed as a floating floor, expansion will be required around the perimeter.